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You need fast, secure APIs to access health care data from the nation’s largest payers. Availity is here to help. To make our APIs even better and easier to use, we’re moving to a new platform. If you’re just getting started, you can try the APIs, get a key, and register your apps on the new platform now. If you registered your key on or before August 13th, you can still get to the legacy API Key and account information – but you’ll want to get a new key right away to take advantage of the new features and avoid interruptions to your service.

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If you need a new API key or you registered your API key after August 13th, everything you need can be found here:

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If you registered your API key on or before August 13th, you still have access to your:

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All new API Keys will be provisioned from new API Platform.
API keys and apps registered on or before August 13th will continue to work until October 13, 2017.
If you need help getting started or migrating to our new platform, contact